Our Projects

1944 Grumman Widgeon

In 2004 this 1944 Grumman G-44 Widgeon was sunk in Lake Mohave. Air’Zona Aircraft was hired to recover it from the bottom of the lake and make it flyable enough to travel to Kingman Airport.

We spent two days on site removing all the avionics, sumping the fuel tanks and refueling, installing just enough avionics to fly, and finding the right pilot to fly it out.

The left hand engine GO-480 was hand-propped by Leonard Helco of Air’Zona Aircraft. She didn’t want to participate in starting the “easy way” so hand propping was our only option.

The Widgeon spent the next 4 years in our shop in rebuild. When the project was finished she was a work of art, love, and labor. A couple of years later she was featured on the cover of General Aviation Magazine’s “Dream Machines” issue!

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