Our History

Kingman Airport was built by the US Government during WWII for the purpose of training Army Air Force personnel gunnery defense in various Air Force aircraft. The airport was given to Mohave County in the 1950’s. It was named Kingman Airport. Many of the WWII Army barrack foundations still remain. There are approximately five original hangars in use, many have been restored and updated, the exterior of the hangars are original. The Flight Control tower is still standing, though not in operation.

During WWII Arizona had many sites that were used for a number of reasons, some for rest or recreation others used as training bases; one such training site was Kingman Airport. During WWII Kingman Airport was used as a gunnery training site. After the war, Kingman Army Airfield was converted to Sales & Storage Depot No. 41 by the War Assets Administration to house planes and other equipment awaiting sale or decommissioning.

Kingman Army Airfield was established as a training base for Army Air Force aerial gunners. In addition to the main base, the Kingman Ground to Ground Gunnery Range and Kingman Air to Air Gunnery Range was located about six miles north of the present city limits of the City of Kingman. From this point, the former practice gunnery ranges extended northward approximately 31 miles, generally following the Hualapai Valley. To support the training at the main facility, Yucca Army Airfield operated several emergency landing strips.

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